Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Oliver and I continued today with our cookie baking tradition.  I started this last winter with him.  Last month we made pumpkin and leaf cookies, this month we made turkey cookies made from gingerbread with raisins for eyes and chocolate sprinkles for their feathers, he loves putting the decorations on them.

Turned out really good and yes they tasted good too, Oliver can tell you that, he had three.

Oliver got into the rolling out part this time, I remember doing this with his dad and uncle, I still have the cookie book I purchased from school when my boys were young.  Its the little moments like this that you will treasure for a life time.  Vicky 

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Thought I would share a few pictures of my fall decorating before I took it down, been meaning to put up these before now, been really hectic here the last two months with my hubby having surgery, our 9 year old lab, Sadie being diagnosed with bone cancer of her jaw, we got to keep her a couple of weeks and then had to put her down, really miss that yellow dog, yes just lots of life happening.  Hope you enjoy seeing some of my fall decorating ideas, will all be coming down shortly for all the winter decorating begins soon, yes, takes me forever to decide what goes where and of course lots of items and furniture gets moved around.  Hope everyone has a great weekend. Vicky

One of my favorite prim dolls I have collected.

This shelf use to be in the living room when the magazine came to take pictures, been moved here in the hall.  Yes lots has changed since the fall magazine shoot.

One of my favorite shelves, just love the little mouse.

This shelf was in the kitchen, now is in my dining room, my favorite pumpkin makedo.

I have moved this piece down closer to the dining room, added a new portrait, just love theses, I have several I have collected.

New hunt table I purchased when one of the prim  shops closed, love the pumpkin on the stand. This is in my living room area.

Some of my stoneware collection.

This display on my table is made using a bowl rack turned on its side, just love everything about fall. My favorite Pumpkin Guy.

Door display going into my dining room.

Few things have changed in my kitchen, added my basket collection in here now, and added a different shelf beside my pie safe.

This cabinet I have sitting on my counter, its the back drop to my laptop now, makes a great display place for the seasons.

Love this pumpkin head, decided to use him in this basket on my den door.

Favorite area, love the makedo chair with a pumpkin doll in my den area, this area changes with the seasons.

My favorite cabinet, it gets decked out with seasonal decor.

Just love this cabinet, Country Sampler took pictures of it but they didn't use it, they had a hard time getting the picture here the way they wanted it, one of my favorite cabinets, love the mustard with the green door.

Area in my hallway, which is right out of my sewing room.

Another pumpkin head, love how the leaves add so much color to this area in my den.  Hope you enjoyed my little tour, will be making room for new goodies, yes I have been shopping, LOL, like I needed anything else, hope everyone has a great holiday with their families, will have pictures of my winter house up soon.  Vicky

Early Works Mercantile update

Well looks like the weather has changed to being cold, in the mid 20's this morning here, perfect weather for adding snowmen to my house, I have a couple of snowmen up this month on Early works, this is Snowey, he is 16".

Love this little guy, he is only 6" tall, can either sit or hang, if you get a chance check out these and a few others.  http://www.earlyworkmercantile.net/
                                                        Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Vicky

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I am so ready for fall, it has been so hot here the last few weeks, but today it feels like fall, very cool.  I have been busy working on pumpkin people for my fall update on Early Works Mercantile, my favorite thing to make, I have this thing for pumpkins, and you can tell it in my house, pumpkin people everywhere, been decking out my house, looks like fall has exploded in here, will be having a little fall tour soon.  Hope you can stop by Early works and take a peek at what I have been up too, here is a little sampling.  Everyone take care, and enjoy the upcoming fall season.  Vicky

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Looks like summer is coming to an end soon, school starts back here next week, already started back keeping Oliver this week, his mom went back to school getting ready for her 5 years to come next week.  With school starting that means fall is not far off, my favorite time of the year, cooler weather and lots of fall decorating.  My living room looks like fall has exploded in there, bins full of fall items ready to find that perfect place, and of course I have already been fall shopping, like I needed another pumpkin,  OK can't help my self, I have this thing for pumpkins, LOL.  Speaking of I have been busy the last few weeks getting orders ready for shipping and also working on a few items for tonights Early Work Mercantile update, the little pumpkin boy here will be there as well as a few other fall goodies, hope you can stop by later this evening and take a peak.  Will be back a little later with a sneak peak at my fall decorating.  Everyone take care, Vicky      

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fall Preview

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, hot and dry here, looking forward to a cool front that is coming, this time of the year I am wanting fall to come, I enjoy that time of the year the most.  Been doing a few things around the house not getting as much done as hoped, but we are about ready to paint the house, been needing it for awhile.  Then I am hoping to get a little painting done on the inside, the kitchen, sewing room and bath, and of course want to do a little decorating, have found some new goodies, have pushed some furniture around in the living room will share that soon.  I will be having an update with Early Work Mercantile later this evening hope you can drop by, here are a couple of items I have for this month.  Love the little pumpkin folk here, great for tucking in little places for fall. 

This one is my favorite, great prim scarecrow ready for the fall, and of course he has a crow, hope everyone has a great evening, lots going on this week, hubby and I celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary on the 15th, were does time go, just seems like yesterday.  Hugs Vicky

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Here are a few items that I have been working on for this months Early Work Mercantile.  I love decking my house out for all the seasons, in the summer I love finding blues and reds to tuck around my home.  I have been busy shifting furniture around and trying to redo a few rooms this summer, working in the kitchen and some painting on the outside of the house.  I have also been knee deep in my flower beds trying to get the mulch in now and then back in the house to finish up some decorating in there, will post some pictures when I am through.  I you have a moment drop by early works and check out these items plus a few more, everyone have a great weekend.  Hugs Vicky  http://www.earlyworkmercantile.net/