Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Summer Kitchen

I thought I would share some of my summer decorating of my kitchen, I will be taking down all of this in about a week to get ready for painting, finally going to paint those kitchen cabinets I have been talking about doing for years, just a big job, haven't been done in about 25 years, just need to have a little something different, so out the white cabinets go, will share finished kitchen with you later.  We are planning on a new floor and appliances, wish I could push out a few walls, need more space, you know for all my stuff.  I will probably be displaying fall items in my new kitchen when I post pictures again I usually start putting up fall in August.  Hope you enjoy my little tour of my summer kitchen.

I just love the this end of my kitchen, it is very prim, great shelf to display seasonal items.

The old chair was used in a wagon, had gotten it from my aunt.  The punch tin lantern I have just gotten, love how it looks in this corner and my favorite thing I have ever found is the old tool used for syrup preparation, hard to find really good things like this anymore.

This old large bucket bench is one of my favorite finds.  The large brown bowl is old, the green one is a reproduction.  The rabbit I found a few years ago and she stands in my kitchen in the summer.

I love old advertising boxes, here I added a collection of old rolling pins and a doll I just love, she is a Cinnamon Creek doll with an advertising of fresh butter on her apron.

I sat this cabinet on my counter and this is usually where I have my laptop, love the robin, starting to collect birds.

I love green items, so I made a centerpiece for my island for summer using an old sap bucket which I added white flowers and blueberries branches, I had found these at a shop a few years ago and just love using them in arrangements for summer.  The butter crock belonged to my uncle, always will be very special.

Thought I would share my tin collection, usually try to find things in red.  I love to collect peanut butter containers, hard to find.  The coffee tin actually has a handle in the back and the two baking powder contains I love because they have the red labels.

This is a small hanging rack I have at the end of my counter, love to display seasonal towels on it, love the watermelon slice, just perfect for summer.  Hope you enjoyed my little tour, hopefully my kitchen will turn out the way I have planned it.  Hope everyone has a great summer, will share a few more pics of my summer decorating a little later, take care.  Vicky

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Early Work Mercantile June Update

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far, just wanted to share a few items I now have up on Early Work Mercantile.  Love the Folk Art Sam, he is just perfect for summer decorating.

I love pin keeps, I have a large collection of them and I love making them, love the browns and blues used on this prairie doll pin keep.

Wanted to introduce you to my first Green Creek original pumpkin doll, Edna, she is ready to plant her pumpkin fields for the fall harvest.  She will be perfect to display now right on into the fall.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far, hubby and I have been working on the outside, finishing up my flower beds and finishing painting the house, will be glad when that is finished, just a couple more things to do, paint the shutters and add a colonial type light to my front porch.  I have decided to paint my sewing room and do a little more decorating in their, new material for curtains, will share some pictures when I have finished, been adding several new pictures around my house, I have done a little more colonial in a couple of my rooms.  I will be tackling the kitchen next month, been dreading that for years, but I need to paint the cabinets, walls and redo the floor.  All my appliances seem to be needing to be replaced all at once, of course it has been about 25 years since we have redone the kitchen, so hopefully it will get done this year, will share pictures when I am done.  Just trying to get a few things caught up while Oliver is spending time with his mom while she is off for the summer, she has been teaching 5k for several years, she will be going to a new school and teaching 2nd graders when school starts up again.  I will be back picking up kids again, Oliver will be going to 4k when school starts up, I haven't picked up kids in almost 20 years, were does time go.  Well just wanted to share what I have been sewing lately, some of you have asked when my fall items will be available, I will start having them up on Early Works Mercantile next month.  I will be back with a few pictures next week of what I have been doing in the house.  Everyone have a great weekend.  Vicky

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hi everyone, hope everything is well, I have been down with a hip I pulled out of place a couple of weeks ago, but I am finally better after many trips to the chiropractor. I have been wanting to put up a few pics of my spring decorating, hopefully I will get to now that I am up and around.  I have a few items up on my Early Work page now, a couple of items featuring strawberries, which are coming in season down here in the south, love them.  Hope you can stop by and take a peek at what I have been up too, Vicky

One of my items that has the strawberry designs on it, love this makedo, I found an old small funnel and used it as her base, perfect for you decorating this time of the year.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March Early Work Update

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Been raining here the last few days, but it finally cleared off and suppose to be in the 70's the next few days, we already have spring trees blooming and my flowers are poking their little heads through the soil, so happy this winter is moving on, been a long one.  On a sadder note, my father-in-law passed away late February, we had his memorial today he will be missed.  Been hectic here since January with him bad off and at the same time my mother-in-law was down with her back and was also in the hospital having back surgery, been a long few weeks.  Just wanted to let you know my early work page is up now, hope you can drop by and take a peek at what I have been up too.  Hope to have a few of my spring decorating up soon, take care.  Vicky

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Early Work Mercantile Offerings

Thought I would let you know that their are bunnies hopping around now on my early work mercantile page. 

These 6" bunnies also come in coffee color, great for tucking into just about anything.  I am so ready for spring instead of the very cold weather and snow heading our way.  I have already adding in spring items in my home, can't wait for those spring days to arrive.  Vicky

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Just wanted to drop by and let you know my January update is now up on Early Works Mercantile.  This one is an angel doll with her heart and a flag.

One of my favorite to make is the seed bag doll, there are a couple more items up on my page, hope you can stop by and take a peek.  Hope everyone is having a good new year, hard to believe January is half over, one good thing about that is spring is getting closer. There is a link to Early Works on the right hand side of this page.  Have a good evening.  Vicky 

Monday, December 29, 2014


Hope everyone is having a great holiday season, been enjoying being off piddling around the house.  I just love decorating for the winter, some of my favorite things are frozen branches that glisten in the street light at night, red berries, red birds, snowmen that remind me of my childhood making snowmen with my sister, the deer that you see out this time of the year.  Here in my decorating you will see lots of these things, hope you enjoy your visit to my home.

Shoving furniture around again, desk has moved from across the room, love my new bird pillow tuck.

Love the blue cabinet with the snowman.

New set of deer I picked up this year, just love them with the frozen branches.

Love the little angel all dressed in blue I had gotten from TFC Folkart to add in this year.

This is one of my favorite spoon racks.

Have found real old pewter plates this year to add to my collection.

More of my deer collection.
My favorite snow women, she always comes to my kitchen where I can see her since I tend to live in the kitchen, LOL.

I love using little mice in my decorating, this one is doing her laundry with her little wash board.

New very prim snowman wishing you winter blessings.

I love collecting mittens, reminds me of those cold winter days out making snowmen when I was little.

Another new snowman I added in this year and the little doll is one that my sister, Lisa made me several years ago, my favorite things about her is her berry hair and she has little snowflakes on her coat for buttons.

Cute little snowboy.

Couldn't resist this very large snowman this year.  When Oliver came to visit he said Nana he is the same size I am.

This picture has lots of my favorite items in it, the old green grain box and the blue bowl rack with snowmen added with my favorite thing to decorate with in the winter, frozen branches.
This display sits at the end of my bed, love the snowman and the red bird.

This is a very special gift given to me by a dear friend, Bonnie, the deer came from her shop in Tennessee before she closed her shop.

A very prim snowman couple.

Love this one his hat is made from an old quilt.

This is a sitting area in my sewing room, love this snowman as he is sledding along.

My favorite gingerbread men I had gotten from my friend Marie a few years ago.

Finally had gotten those pillow covers made for my couch, love the cranberry red color in this room in the winter.

My sister Lisa made the little drummer boy a few years ago, yes he never made it out of the house to sell, love the donkey too, there is a sheep that also go with this, could not locate it, must be packed away somewhere.  She is very talented.

This has to be one of my favorite displays this year, snowmen, and red birds.

Very prim display in my dining room.
Counter top display in my kitchen.

My favorite snowman I found this year, perfect for a door display.

Display in my bedroom, love the horse.
Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy, hard to take in the dark corner.  Love the little mouse family out enjoying the snow on a cold winter day.  I hope you enjoyed my winter home displays, wishing each of you WARM WINTER WISHES.   VICKY